Simply Less Invasive

FacetLINK is designed with recovery in mind. 
Fewer screws. Smaller exposure. Respect for the anatomy.
Conventional “open” lumbar surgery utilizes pedicle screws and rods.
FacetLINK uses fewer screws and does not require metal rods, therefore it can be placed through a much smaller incision, reducing damage to the muscles and offering the potential to improve outcomes.

FacetLINK avoids contact and the potential for damage to nearby spinal levels and offers a range of sizes to match variables with each patient’s anatomy.

It’s That Simple.

Treatment Options


At LinkSPINE we are focused upon improving patient outcomes -- and in the process we’ve created an innovative portfolio of powerful, yet simple solutions for less invasive surgery

It is function that lies at the core of our products.  We design for superior performance and meaningful, empathetic innovation to improve patient outcomes.

Our devices are elegant and intuitive and fulfill a desire for a simple, less invasive approach to lumbar surgery, adding true value for surgeons who are tiring of long learning curves. 

Our products and technologies speak for themselves. It’s that simple.