Midline Choice

“Midline Choice” is LinkSPINE’s comprehensive midline fusion portfolio, which includes FacetLINK, CorticaLINK and VertebraLINK.  A single kit houses a complete array of screws, devices, and cages, offering the surgeon the ability to intra-operatively create a less invasive fusion construct based upon patient pathology, anatomy, or preference. Midline Choice offers the surgeon the most deep and versatile portfolio of less invasive fusion implants on the market. Learn more about Midline Choice.

GO SMALLER with MidlineChoice

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Midline Choice Features & Benefits

  1. Single kit of fixation screws and devices to allow for intra-operative selection of optimal fusion construct
  2. Cortical AND Cancellous threadform options
  3. Cortical trajectory screws
  4. Low profile Ti or CoCr rods
  5. FacetLINK, a novel family of devices which augment a decompression and cross-connect (2) transarticular  pedicle screws
  6. VertebraLINK cages manufactured out of Invibio PEEK-OPTIMA™ HA Enhanced where the HA is fully integrated into the PEEK.
  7. Multiple options for stabilization within a smaller exposure, minimizing collateral damage to surrounding tissues

Midline Choice Product Lines

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