The FacetLINK System

FacetLINK fulfills a desire for a simple, less invasive approach to lumbar surgery, adding true value for surgeons who are tiring of long learning curves.

The devices fit within the bounds of a surgeon’s preferred decompression exposure, requiring no additional dissection beyond what was planned for the decompression itself. 

FacetLINK matches the biomechanical performance of bilateral pedicle screws and rods(1), but can be placed through a much smaller exposure offering the possibility of reduced collateral tissue damage.

(1) Crawford et al, International Society for the Advancement of Spine Surgery, Miami, FL, 2014.

Why expose this?

If the decompression requires just this...

Or this?

FacetLINK Features & Benefits

Neural Arch

Robust Cortical Fixation 

FacetLINK Components